A toast to the unconventional woman🙌

In the heart of SOLCH, we honor the unconventional spirit in every woman, no matter where she calls home. Crafted in response to the founder's journey in ultra-high-end jewelry, our designs testify that beauty has no boundaries.

For the URBAN TRENDSETTER, SUBURBAN CHIC, or SMALL-TOWN DARLING with an eye for sophistication, SOLCH offers a collection beyond geographical confines.

Elegance is the art of self-expression.

At SOLCH, we celebrate the fusion of sophistication with urban, suburban, and small-town charm. Individuality defines elegance, and our jewelry resonates with your distinct style.

Welcome to a world where individuality takes center stage, and beauty knows no bounds.

SOLCH Standards

SOLCH designs are true works of art, inspired by the visual arts and created with an eye for detail and a passion for craftsmanship. By playing with form, texture, and density, our one-of-a-kind pieces capture the essence of modern luxury.